Friday: Harrisaway Brothers at Aisle 5, Dyn-o-mite at Smoke Ring

Harrisaway Brothers w/ Charley Crockett, Friday 6/21, Aisle 5 in L5P

Not a typo! WillJonWill & Jon are teaming up to open for Charley Crockett at Aisle 5 in Little 5  Points on Friday night. Charley is terrific, talented and has recorded one of our favorite Tom T. Hall songs, “That’s How I Got to Memphis.” So we’re excited.

We start at 9 PM and you can get tickets here:

Kevin Thomas’ Dyn-o-mite!, Friday at Smoke Ring 

Since we occasionally like to divide and Dynomite
conquer, KT is taking his funkyass Dyn-o-mite! Organ Trio over to Smoke Ring, located in Castleberry Hill, close to Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Dyn-O-Mite! Friday they’ll be backing up the great David Fisch, one of the baddest harmonica players you’ll ever see.

FischSmoke Ring has a great menu and the show is FREE. So eat dinner there, catch their set and then slide over to Little 5 for the HB’s. Boom, your evening is planned.

View from Stage Left

Sure was a bummer about Tombs from the Tombs, but you
can’t fight Mother Nature and you can’t muddy up a hallowed
gravesite either. Big thanks to Joel Grubb for booking us, we’ll be ready
for the next one.

Bruce Springsteen released his NINETEENTHBruce studio album on Friday- Western Stars, to these ears his best since Magic in 2007. The reason nerds like me will eternally ride for Bruuuuuce are yes, his always-beautiful melodies, but that he can still pull surprises by using lush strings and orchestral flourishes to make the record sound like it belongs in an epic western like All the Pretty Horses. The title track has all that and more.

Bruce3600And while we’re here, earlier this summer Bruce released the video of his entire performance at Jazz Fest 2006 with his Seeger Sessions Band. Lee and I (and Adam Smith) were at this show, held only eight months after Hurricane Katrina and it was the most emotional set of music I’ve ever seen and will likely ever see. Just take six minutes and watch “City of Ruins,” or if you really want to get spicy, “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?

Long Live Bruce Springsteen. National Treasure.

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