Nov. Ray of Light: The Sundogs Present The Tom Petty Show, 12/9- Smith’s Olde Bar

12/9 The Sundogs Present- The Tom Petty Show, Smith’s Olde Bar

sundogs-tps16_webad Ladies and gentlemens! The Sundogs Return to Smith’s Olde Bar on Friday Dec. 9 to to help you sing and play air guitar and pump your fist to the songs of the great Tom Petty.

You’ll get the full Sundog on this fine evening, with Lee, Will, Jon, Benji, Kevin and Kevin giving you all the hits, some of the b-sides and all of the awesomeness from our very favorite songwriter and rocker.

Opening the show at 8:30 sharp will be our buddies Wayne Glass and Alan Conner’s new band Shadowlands, followed by the fine band Amsterdam Station.

Get your tickets, as this sucker sells out. You can even get VIP Tables for your friends if you hustle. Let’s roll!

Ticket Link

View From Stage Left

jim-james-eternally-even– Well, it didn’t achieve it’s ultimate goal, but MMJ’s Jim James released a pretty solid protest record this month, check out “We Ain’t Getting Any Younger ” (he’s at Tabernacle on 11/22); hometown faves The Whigs released “Live in Little Five” (Parker looks like Tonight’s the Night era Neil Young), recorded at the ol’ 5 Spot; Lee Fields & The Expressions also released a live record “Special Night“, old warhorse David Crosby released “Lighthouse”; Don Was and his tribute crew released “Dear Jerry: Celebrating the Music of Jerry Garcia” (featuring WSP, Moe. and Jimmy Cliff), Robbie Robertson Released a compiltion of odds and ends that includes this gorgeous version of “Twilight” thewhigs-mainby Richard Manuel; and then there was this really terrible re-release by Yoko that I listened to briefly so I think you should have to as well, “Cambridge 1969.”

img_35901– Last week, Will, Lee, Benji and Will Groth gathered in Kristian and Brandon Bush’s downtown Decatur studio to record “Haraway Brothers,” produced by Benji and engineered by Tom Tampley (Kristian, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam). It’s coming out early next year and we can’t wait for you to hear it. As a tease, here’s a pic of Lee playing a Moog.

– Finally, hey folks. Let’s stay positive and optimistic out there. Positive Positive Positive.  Go see music, write some songs. Love your neighbors and your friends.

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