Jan. Ray of Light- 30A Songwriters Festival, Release of Jon Harris’ Scorpio

30A Songwriters Festival- 1/11-15, Beaches of South Walton

30AWe can’t wait to hit the beach this week to play the 30A Songwriters Festival, joining some of our favorite players in music- Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, James McMurtry, Luther Dickinson, Hayes Carll, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Lilly Hiatt, our buddy Bradley Cole Smith and man, so many more.

We’re doing three different acts in three days….

Thursday, 1/11- The Sundogs @ AJ’s Grayton Beach, 10 PM
Friday, 1/12- The Sundogs present The Tom Petty Show @ AJ’s Grayton Beach, 11 PM
Saturday, 1/13, The Haraway Brothers featuring Jon Harris @ Seaside Meeting Hall Theatre

….and the rest of the time we’ll be seeing as many sets as possible. Hope to see y’all alongside us!

Jon Harris, SCORPIO- Now Available

Scorpio There’s no better way to kick off 2018 than with some new music from the family– Jon Harris’ new solo record, Scorpio. Scorpio is Jon’s third record and more than any other so far shows all the sides of his incredible talent– the Lowell George-influenced chops and vocals and the JJ Cale delivery drive these tunes, highlighted by the gorgeous title track that sounds something George Harrison would write.

You can buy it on iTunes and CD Baby and you can stream it everywhere, Apple Music, Spotify, Napster and YouTube, and you should, because it’s awesome. Scorpio was written by Jon, produced by Kevin Thomas and mixed by Kevin and Rin Vinson. Jon played the guitars/vocals, w/ Kevin on keys, Lee on steel/vocals, Ganesh Giri Jaya and Rin on drums, along with one tune w/ Will on bass/vocals, Greg Baba on drums and Mimi Thomas on vocals.

THANKS for The Petty!

More than 600 of you came to our two December Tom Petty shows, one of which happened on the night of a fairly insane surprise snowstorm. We can’t thank you enough. Y’all sang so damn pretty.



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The Dec. Ray of Light Pt.2: ENCORE Tom Petty Show, Vista Room, 12/22

ENCORE Tom Petty Show- Friday 12/22, Vista Room

This being a special year with Tom’s passing, we’re doing something special as well– a second holiday Tom Petty Show over at the BEAUTIFUL Vista Room in Decatur.

We had a blast at Smith’s, which y’all were kind enough to sell out and fill the room despite the surprise southern snowstorm! Badass. If you were one of the folks that bought tickets but the weather derailed your plans, please reply back to this email and we’ll get you a discount to Friday’s show. And if you just want to come see the show again, bring it! It’ll be a different set list with different B-Sides and rarities.

If you haven’t been to the Vista Room, well, it’s one of our favorites with the hardwood floors and the chandeliers and everythang. Classy! We released “The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World” there this June and Jon blew the room off the place with his band in late July.

Doors are at 7 PM and speaking of Jon, the Jon Harris Band will open the show with some of us backing him sharply at 8 with a short set, followed by The Tom Petty Show at 9 PM.

Get your tickets here because they’re cheaper in advance, yo.


Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukkah! See ya there.

View from Stage Left

We love the December issue because we get to subjectively rank our favorite records of this year. The ranking is stupid, really, because who cares? The point is these are some killer records and you should stream them, and if you like them, which you will– buy them on Vinyl so you have them forever and get to see who played on them and shit. It’s fun! We swear. Here’s our top 19, in the honor of Chuck Smalling, All-American:

  1. The War on Drugs, A Deeper Understanding: wodBeyond the epic songs like “Holding On” and the amazing “Strangest Thing”, this record is so sonically pure- it sounds amazing. And they killed at The Tabernacle.
  2. Blitzen Trapper, Wild and Reckless: downloadThey sound like Springsteen on this album, which apparently is also a rock opera, which I would love to see. “Joanna” is a masterclass in storytelling.
  3. Jason Isbell, The Nashville Sound: The one where he takes over the world (he’s writing songs for Bradley Cooper movies now.) Jason is on top of his game and this one rocks way harder with “Cumberland Gap,” “Anxiety” and the defiantly positive “Hope the High Road” than the last couple classics. We need more defiant positivity these days, people.
  4. Hiss Golden Messenger, Hallelujah Anyhow: 10_700_700_605_hiss_hallelujah_900Speaking of defiant positivity…this is a wonderful record and everything (“Domino!”, but the thing I want to tell you is that Mike Taylor gave me and my girls free tickets to see them at Music Midtown because kids under 14 weren’t allowed, and my girls are actual Hiss fans. I took my 10 year old to meet Mike and Phil afterwareds and they made her year with their attentive politeness, legitimate interest (and candy.) The world is a great place and there are nice people in it.
  5. Tyler Childers, Purgatory: Produced by Sturgill Simpson! “Well my buckle makes impressions on the inside of her thigh, there are little feathered Indians, where we tussle through the night” is my favorite line of 2017.
  6. Tedeschi Trucks Band, Live from Oakland: The living embodiment of ‘Mad Dogs & Englishmen’ every damn night, without the rampant substance abuse. They’re the best band around, everyone knows it, and this record is proof.
  7. Ryan Adams, Prisoner: The Divorce Record. Sounds a lot like ‘Tunnel of Love,’ my favorite Springsteen record, also a Divorce Record. You will not here these tunes on an episode of ‘This is Us’.
  8. Liam Gallagher, As You Were: 600x600bfI mean– I’m as surprised as you are. Never in a million years would you think that Liam could put out a better solo record than Noel, but here we are. The voice is back, the dumb lyrics, the cribbed Beatles and Stones lines, it’s all here, and it’s GLORIOUS. Put on “I’ve All I Need” and turn that shit up. Also, he’s fucking hilarious. Never change, Gallaghers.
  9. LCD Soundsystem, American Dream: Thank God they’re back, they never should have stopped in the first place. Dreamy dance music and this time James Murphy actually has something to say beyond how awesome/disappointing New York is or isn’t.
  10. Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett, Lotta Sea Lice: They’re kinda like a brother and sister act from across the continents. Fun, unpretentious music, unlike the next one….
  11. Arcade Fire, Everything Now: Man, I HATED this when it first came out. Like, a weird, angry reaction. But then I watched their live set at Lollapalooza after it came out, and yeah, you remember what an absolute incredible band AF truly is. Their performance of the title track on Colbert is one of the best things I’ve seen a band do on TV.
  12. Son Volt, Notes of Blue: A career rebirth for Jay Farrar, not only with this great recording, but live, where he’s finally playing EVERYTHING and tossing in Stones covers at the end. Yeah!
  13. Wood Brothers, Live from the Barn: I know Oliver lives in Nashville now, but this is Atlanta’s Greatest Band. He was hippie Jesus at the Fox with the Tedeschi’s this summer, singing so purty with Susan.
  14. Craig Finn, Clear Heart, Full Eyes: The Hold Steady frontman puts out his best solo effort so far, “God in Chicago” is like a little movie song.
  15. Willie Nelson, God’s Problem Child:  Willie_Nelson_-_God's_Problem_ChildAnother beauty in his decade-long hot streak. ‘He Won’t Ever Be Gone’ is about his buddy Merle. On their last one together they wrote a song about their buddy Cash. Point is, can we get round the clock surveillance on Willie please? Just couldn’t take it.
  16. Father John Misty, Pure Comedy: Lush, intricate, funny and a little depressing (in a good way?) Recently discovered that the guys from Everest are his backing band, which makes sense because they rule.
  17. Lilly Hiatt, Trinity Lane: John Hiatt’s daughter! This is an outstanding listen, with great production from Michael Trent of Shovels & Rope.
  18. Manchester Orchestra, A Black Mile to the Surface: Atlanta’s unsung heroes roll out another solid set of loud quiet loud burners from leader Andy Hull.
  19. Japandroids, Near to the Wild Heart of Life: The album ROCKS. Particularly ‘Arc of Bar’ and ‘In a Body Like a Grave.’
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December Ray of Light: 12/8- Smith’s Olde Bar, Celebrating the Life & Music of Tom Petty

I was on a plane when the idea of the Tom Petty Show came into focus. We had recently reconnected with Kevin Thomas after he moved back from the Caribbean, and Benji was at that point regularly with us when he wasn’t booked with rock stars and all of the sudden we had this huge, flexible sound—and with KT’s keyboards, we could take on Petty. It made sense, those were always the kinds of songs we looked to write: short, punchy, melodic, with a big chorus and a ripping guitar head. We already knew had at least 10 of his tunes in rotation that we never got tired of playing and most of all, it was an easy sell—EVERYBODY loves Tom Petty.

Sundogs-TomPetty_webadAnd if there’s one great thing that’s come out in the last 8 weeks since his sudden death, it’s been evident just how much the man was and is beloved. He’s one of the very few musicians that spanned several generations—the seventies Damn the Torpedoes era, the eighties Full Moon Fever peak and the nineties Wildflowers rebirth. That’s not even counting the post-2000 elder statesman phase when his Greatest Hits became one of the best-selling records in music history, he reformed Mudcrutch for two amazing records and hit #1 on the Billboard Charts with his last Heartbreakers album. He never rested on his laurels, always tried to get better, always chasing the next song. Indeed, he died one week after arguably his best and most triumphant tour. (The Atlanta show was certainly amazing.)

We always look forward to the Petty Show of course, because it’s so fun to revisit these songs and the crowd is always game to sing with us all night—we love it. Obviously, this year is different. Speaking for myself, I’ve been waiting for this show since Oct. 6. I need it. We need it. He’s been the musical compass for most of us since the first time we saw him playing “Won’t Back Down” with fucking RINGO and GEORGE backing him on MTV. Speaking for the Haraway boys who grew up on Beatles records, that was about all we needed to see. For someone I never met, it’s amazing how much I miss him. We hope that with this show we can do our small part in keeping his songs, his DRIVE and his spirit alive, not only for ourselves but hopefully for you as well. Rest in peace TP—we love you.

We’ll be opening for ourselves with a short Haraway Brothers set. We’d love it if you sang along with those tunes too. Tickets are running out, you should get them here. 

Friday, Dec. 8, Smith’s Olde Bar
Doors at 8

9:00 PM—The Haraway Brothers

10:00 PM- The Tom Petty Show


Tom-Petty-Spotlight-1052x592-1024x576There are so many records and shows to discuss, but we’re going to save that for a Dec. Ray of Light Part Two that will come next week. This being Petty Week, we’re going to focus on him. So here’s a completely unscientific and totally subjective ranking of Tom Petty’s studio albums:

  1. Full Moon Fever: Petty at his peak- three #1 hits. Six Top 10s. Even the Byrds cover hit #18!
  2. Damn the Torpedoes: Cemented the legend for Petty and Jimmy Iovine. The lawsuit record that made them superstars.
  3. Wildflowers: The rebirth with Rick Rubin, nobody saw this one coming, an absolute masterpiece. (A personal favorite.) Several ‘perfect’ songs.
  4. Hard Promises: The Waiting, Insider and Something Big, which Widespread Panic should cover.
  5. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: His first effort yielded American Girl and Breakdown, only two of the best rock songs ever written. Fooled Again is a cool B-Side on here, so much attitude.
  6. Echo: The one we’ve listened to the most since his death. Tom himself didn’t like this one, because he was depressed when they made it, and sure, it’s plenty sad, especially Room at the Top. But it’s top to bottom beautiful. He went down Swingin’.
  7. Mudcrutch 1: The fact that the two Mudcrutch records exist is an amazing story. The fact that they’re great records is a miracle. Scare Easy is the second best “I’m a Dangerous Badass” song he wrote, behind Won’t Back Down, of course.
  8. Into the Great Wide Open: Still peaking after Full Moon. Great hits, but Out in the Cold is the gem.
  9. Highway Companion: Campbell’s solo on Square One, and Down South, the best song ever written about the South, besides Southern Accents, which is better than Dixie.
  10. Mudcrutch 2: This ended up being his last album. What a way to go out, with a song like “I Forgive it All.” My goodness.
  11. Southern Accents: Kinda weird sound, but still has the aformentioned title track and the mind-bending Don’t Come Around Here No More, a triumphant left turn if there ever was one, and his revenge on Iovine for stealing Stop Draggin’ for his girlfriend. We once recorded Rebels and sent it to Ole Miss’ assistant athletic director. Just play it before the 4th quarter, Michael– this ain’t rocket science.
  12. She’s the One Soundtrack: An odd listen just because of the little movie things in there, but has the gorgeous Walls, California and Angel Dream along with the killer Lucinda Williams and Beck covers.
  13. The Last DJ: Have Love Will Travel and Dreamville are among his prettiest songs.
  14. Hypnotic Eye: U Get Me High grooves like a mother and Campbell plays his ass off on this record.
  15. Mojo: Their “JJ Cale” record of blues jams. On their last tour, the Zeppelin-esque I Should’ve Known It was slotted right before Refugee to close the main set.
  16. Long After Dark: Has You Got Lucky and Straight Into Darkness, another of his perfect tunes.
  17. You’re Gonna Get It: The second album where they almost figured it out, with Listen to Her Heart as the evidence.
  18. Let Me Up I’ve Had Enough: They did this one after backing up Dylan for a year and you can hear it on Jammin Me and It’ll All Work Out.
  19. Nobody’s Children: Outtakes and unreleased stuff– check out Ways to Be Wicked. He sure could sing, couldn’t he?

You can stream all of these. Please do. Hope you find some new favorites in there.

See you Friday!

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The Haraway Brothers, Free Show on the Decatur Square, 9/16

The Haraway Brothers, Live on the Decatur Square, Sat. 9.16

On Sat. 9/16, The Haraway Brothers will play a free show on the Decatur Square, just a few hundred feet from where we recorded “The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World” last November. Y’all should come, cause it’s free and we’re gonna play songs for every generation. That’s right. We’ve got all of your people covered. Just show up with a cooler. Music Midtown sucks (yeah, we said it, cause it’s true.)cover-jpeg

For you United fans, God Bless You, you can catch a Marta literally right to our stage. (Go United!)

Reviews of The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World

Before we made our trip to Charleston last month, Will was interviewed by Charleston Post and Courier and they published “The Haraway Brothers: Will, Lee Team Up for a Country Music Project, New Album” on the front page of their Charleston Scene weekly (must have been a slow week in the Battery!) We enjoyed reading it while eating Crab Cakes Benedict that Saturday morning….


Just last night, Chris Martin of Atlanta Auditory Association published “The Haraway Brothers Branch Out on their Own with Wish You Love & Luck in the World.”

You can get the record on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all the rest, as well as on www.harawaybrothers.com.

View from Stage Left

gregg a– There’s always a stretch where the best albums of the year all come out in a rush, and we’re there, folks: The War on Drugs’ “A Deeper Understanding” (here on 9/26!), LCD Soundsystem’s “American Dream” (here on 10/21!), The National’s “Sleep Well Beast,” Tyler Childers’ “Purgatory,” Lukas Nelson’s “Promise of the Real,” Neil Young’s “The Hitchhiker” and ESPECIALLY Gregg Allman’s “Southern Blood,” the perfect musical coda for his life in music. He covers Willin! And Johnny Jenkins! RIP, Gregg.

– Thanks to everyone that came out to Jon Harris Band’s show at Vista Room in August, his album “Scorpio” is coming soon. Here’s a video of Jon playing the Sitar!



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July ROL– Jon Harris Band at The Vista Room, Sat. 7/29

Jon Harris Band at the Vista Room, Sat. 7/29

poster-vista-finalLadies and gentlemen– you already knew this, but Atlanta has a superstar in its midst, walking amongst you, sitting next to you yelling at Liverpool at the Marlay on Saturday mornings, making up killer melodies and hooks in his head the entire time.

His name is Jon Harris, and he and his kickass band (Lee Haraway, Kevin Thomas, Clint Aul and Ganesh Giri Jaya) are playing the lovely Vista Room this Saturday. You can and should get your tickets right here, because they’re cheaper in advance, and you know you’re going to end up going. Jon will play a set of his great tunes at 9 PM, and then the band will return to the stage for a second set of CLAPTON– all the hits and b-sides. That’s right, Clapton. Seventies Clapton. Not Miller Light, shoulder pads Clapton.

Need more evidence? Remember when Jon was featured on The Originals? Well he was, playing “Lefthanded Voodoo” while a couple of vampires talked about vampire shit:


Right? Superstar. Even the undead agree. Come cap your summer with an amazing, amazing show.

The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World

Speaking of amazing shows, thanks to everyone who came to the Vista Room last month to  officially release “The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World.” Y’all came out, you sang, you danced– we’ll never forget it. There’s a whole bunch of pictures, taken by Jolie Loren Rizzi, and a bunch of y’all are in them– go tag yourself… If you happened to miss it, well– we’ve got a few more dates on the books and we’ll list them below.

The hard work actually starts now, getting new ears on this album, and to that end we launched a new video last week– “In-Studio: Love & Luck” by The Haraway Brothers,” filmed at Kristian and Brandon Bush’s Projector Room Studios by Richard Todd Aguayo (www.rtafilmworks.com.) Enjoy and share– Benji even smiles! And keep listening:


Upcoming Haraway Brothers Shows:

8/11- Home Team Downtown, Charleston, SC
8/12- Home Team Sullivan’s Island, Charleston, SC
9/16- Decatur Square, Decatur Concert Series, Decatur, GA

Love & Luck Trucker Hats– Get one while they Last

jon-ll-hatWe love a good hat. So we made some– the best looking, best fitting trucker hat you’ll ever put on your precious dome. Look at how cool Jon looks in his! And Levon, back in the day! He would’ve loved our hat. Click here and get one:


View from Stage Left

suse-ollieWe were lucky enough to spend two nights at the Fabulous Fox seeing Sturgill one night and Tedeschi Trucks with the Wood Brothers the next. Sturgill’s playing all his own leads on electric guitar now, giving his live sound a distinct JJ Cale kind a vibe. So yeah, it was pretty great. But–Saturday night was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen ever, with the hometown Wood Brothers (Oliver, anyway) showing just as much fire as Tedeschi Trucks, who are probably the best band out there working today. I don’t there are better live singers than Oliver and Susan, especially together. Never miss either band if you can help it…

jason-isbell-the-nashville-soundAnother killer month of music, headlined by the third straight masterpiece  from Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, “The Nashville Sound,” which has transformed him into a no-doubt superstar and a festival headliner. The man deserves it, as he apparently can’t write a bad song. They’re all excellent tunes, but I’m partial to the first and last ones on the album, “Last of My Kind” and “Something to Love“.Other great ones include “Waiting on a Song” from Dan Auerbach, “Crack-Up” from Fleet Foxes, “So You Wannabe an Outlaw” from Steve Earle, “Tuxedo II” from Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne’s FUNKY new thing) and “Together at Last“, a very chill and good acoustic record from Mr. Jeff Tweedy.

Big Tex is back! Musicians unite!

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