Released Today: The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World

The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World. It’s our new album, released today! On Lee’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Lee!

You cover-jpegcan stream and purchase on (BUY HERE), as well as all of your favorite streaming and purchasing sites like iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Amazon Music- EVERYWHERE. We’d love it if you made a purchase, as that money will go exclusively to fund the Vinyl pressing this fall that this record deserves.

These are songs about family, love, life, death, joy and beauty–it’s a Sunday Morning listen. We love the way it sounds (and looks- thanks J.T.) and couldn’t be more proud and thankful today that it exists, and that now you get to hear it.

creditsIt was recorded at The Projector Room (owned by Kristian and Brandon Bush), located just in front of the the train tracks in beautiful downtown Decatur, Ga. Our man Benji Shanks produced and played guitars, bass and banjo. Tom Tapley (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam) recorded and engineered and Will Groth played the skins and percussion. The photo is by Jeffrey Moore and the album art by J.T. Lucchesi of Home Team Graphics. KT and Rin Vinson produced Girl on the Train, the final song on the album, with KT, Mimi, Bradley Cole Smith, Rob Henson and Jeff Mills contributing to that track as well.

We’ll play these songs with the rest of The Sundogs on June 17 at Vista Room (please mark your calendars), and we’re releasing it now so that y’all true believers can know these tunes and sing them with us on that night six weeks from now. Truly can’t wait for that.

The heart of this recording was done on November 9, 2016, the day after the presidential election—a gorgeous fall morning if you recall. We worked all day and night- Tom and Benji in particular worked like the mad geniuses they are, only stopping for meals and the occasional beer. It was the best session I’ve ever been a part of. I sang Hallelujah at 2:30 AM.

In addition to the title, The Haraway Brothers Wish You Love & Luck in the World is our sincere wish to every listener. These are odd times. Stay Positive. Love your family and your neighbor. Remember life is sweet, and that Willie Nelson will show you how to play.


Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.) 1947-2017

By now we’ve all processed what happened at The Fox on Monday and what it means. There are amazing, heartfelt articles written by friends and critics and journalists all over the country that you can find ( is our favorite so far) that are far better writers than me. But every musician in Atlanta has their own Bruce story, and here’s ours.

bruceMaybe 10 years ago, we opened for Bruce and the Quark Alliance, which featured a very young Duane Trucks on drums, at a place called Jake’s Toadhouse (not a typo- Toadhouse.) For us, it was a lousy night. Lee and I did it as a power trio with Kent Aberle (full circle- he now plays w/ Benji in Kristian Bush’s band) on drums and we did our best. There were MAYBE 10 people there for our set, on a Saturday, and we were bummed out. But I got over to Bruce, and he couldn’t have been sweeter. We talked for a while, he correctly guessed my birthday (of course) and the last thing to me he said was, “Great BANNNND, man. Stay after it.” I felt better.

And I later learned, especially this week–that’s what Bruce did for musicians. He encouraged them, lifted their spirits and showed them how to want it (hat tip to Adam Blank.) He encouraged our own Kevin Leahy 19 years ago when he was on heading on a rocketship to the Tonight Show with Shawn Mullins. He was always around music, he’d be at the old Big Tex Bluegrass Brunch on Sundays, the old Steve’s Live Music on Wednesdays, and did the Holiday Hootnanny every year (including December with our Kevin Thomas, speaking Chinese exclusively backstage and freaking people out)– hell he was supposed to play Vista Room last night, even after selling out The Fabulous Fox. The man lived music.

So thanks Bruce. We might not have been a Great Band back then, but we are now. We released a record today. We’re still after it. Rest in Peace. Zambi Forever.

Thanks as Always


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